Attaining a slimmer look: How makeup can help?

Every female heart longs to be slim as it gives them the freedom of experiment with all kinds of apparels and fashion styles. However, this is something not possible for all to acquire. bridal-hair-stylesBut did you know your makeup can help you attain the slimmer facial look? Yes, a few magic strokes can make you look slimmer and spot a fabulous look. So here let us check out how these tricks are done. Have a look: Shape of your eyebrow: Eyebrows have a big role to play making your face appear slim. Your eyebrows must be thick with an arch in the center. When the arch is higher, it lifts the face and makes a rounded look slim. Hide the eye circles: This is especially to be focused when doing bridal makeup. Eye circles can completely spoil the look and thus for bridal makeup, concealer is used in hiding those nasty circles. In a daily routine also you can make use of a concealer or an eye shadow. Blush: Blush that has brown undertone can make your face look extremely slimmer. Pink and peach blushes are highly common in bridal makeup. In general you can go for pink as it will work perfectly. Go for bronzer: Dark shades have the tendency to draw back while lighter shades always highlight the features. Using a bronzer can correctly lift the weight from your face. Try this out with the bridal makeup as well if you are looking for a slimmer appearance. Highlighter: Add a slight touch up to your cheek bones using a light highlighter. You can even apply some on the nose center and forehead to lengthen your face. Pink Lips: Dark lip shades can make them appear heavier. Go for nude colours or pink shades to attain the lighter look. Try out these steps when you pick up your makeup kit for the next time and see the wonderful change!
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