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Learning Henna Designing: Rookie to Expert

Have you ever tried applying henna by yourself? I mean, you might have to rely on professionals. But for all those casual times, applying henna by yourself is an awesome idea. Learning how to apply mehndi doesn?t require a vocational training. In fact, any one of us can learn this art of body painting in very short time duration. You may start as a lousy or mediocre mehndi designer. Initially, people may actually run away on your proposition to apply mehndi on their palms. Soon you?ll get better, enough to work as a sub-mehndi designer on your cousins wedding. All you need is lots of hands-on experience and patience. Learning Henna Designing: Rookie to Expert Which henna to use? Many types of henna are available in the market: the natural, the black, and the ?active gold? variants. The natural henna produces relatively lighter shades of brown, even light red or orange in certain cases. It?s generally said: the longer you keep henna applied; the darker the shade would be. Finalise the design: Initially, restrict your test subjects to your family and close relative. Anybody else can easily freak out if you?re a complete novice. Also, make sure the design that you?re opting should be uncomplicated, and takes less time to draw on your test subjects? hands. The plan should be to stick with a simple base design, modifying it slightly as you gain experience. Moreover, you can try geometric shapes in addition to petals, flowers, and leaves. Before the drive: Its finally your cousin?s wedding, and you can?t stop yourself trying your hands on real test subjects. But wait! Are the clothes you?re wearing hanging lose? Or is that your favourite dress? Regardless, wear an apron to ensure henna doesn?t come in contact with your dress. Henna stains are next to impossible to remove from a piece of fabric. Moreover, have a tissue and a standard pin close by. Sometimes the nozzle can get jammed and you need a piercing object. During the drive: Drawing a henna design on a piece of paper or a fabric is quite different from drawing on someone?s hand. Human skin has many folds. The size of everyone?s palm is different. What looks great on your 6 years old niece hands may look utterly cluttered on your aunt?s hands. If you think you can expertise a single design and resize it accordingly to your subjects palm size, then you may have to think once again. Resizing a henna design is almost impossible for newbies like you. Even professionals struggle to bring up a perfect resize.
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