Feet Mehndi Design: Tips to apply it effectively!

Effective tips to apply gorgeous feet Mehndi design! feet-mehndi-design-tipsIn the current world that's ruled by fashion, all wish to be different from those around, and this desire becomes more conspicuous when there is a festival, family function or wedding around the corner. While you will make all efforts to be your best on the special day, one part of your body that has to be taken care of greatly and embellished is your feet. Having a dazzling face and stunning hands but not so appealing feet would apparently reflect badly on you. If you want your feet also to complement your overall beauty, try out some enticing feet Mehndi design this season. The feet Mehndi design is dominated by two core versions of henna, viz. white henna and the black Mehndi. The Indian henna, Pakistani and Arabic mehndi are three of the more eye-catching styles and designs. Doing the Henna Gorgeously Firstly, you must have your henna ready to be applied. You can either buy ready-made henna, or you make your own with natural products. To make your own, you will have to get some henna leaves and grind them into powder form. Next you will have to add jasmine oil and boiled water to the powdered henna. Adding a little lime juice will help the mixture stay fresh for long. Coming to application of feet Mehndi design, it can be easily done with the help of various Mehndi books that offer all the needed instructions about applying henna. The stress-free and inexpensive way to apply henna is by using toothpicks, however you also have the choice of purchasing handy stencils that make the application easier. After choosing the design you wish to paint on your feet, apply the henna design and wait for about three hours to let the henna to dry on your skin. Once it dries off, you can continue to chip off the dry henna and rejoice your elegant mehndi design on your feet!
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