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Avoid These five Blunders on Your Wedding Day

Congrats, you have the wedding dress organised. Now it’s time to move on to the second part - the bridal makeup. Every girl wants to look flawless on her big day. However, what if things turn the other way around. Accept it; Wedding blunders are not that uncommon. In many instances, we have seen makeup artist making grave mistakes that could ruin anybody’s marriage. Avoid These five Blunders on Your Wedding Day To make sure this doesn’t happen with you, I have curated list of 10 mistakes brides make on their wedding day.
  1. Perform the makeup test before the Sun sets, not after. Makeups performed under a fluorescent lamp may look entirely different when looked upon on during the broad daylight. In case you’re calling a wedding makeup artist on the day, make sure she arrives well before the Sunset.
  2. Not every advice is healthy; some are disastrous. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t accept every advice that your wedding artist gives you or you may end up looking entirely different. Different enough, so that not even your to-be-husband can recognise you at the first glance. This can lead to awkward situations. Make up is supposed to make you the best you can look, not a different personality altogether.
  3. Photographs and makeup goes hand-in-hand—not always. Yet another myth that many girls live with. Only that it gets more profound on the wedding day. Putting some amount of makeup is fine on any day let it be your wedding. But those extra layer of makeup bases are quite visible if the photographs were taken under the sun. Nevertheless, if you can’t live without putting everything in your vanity box on the special day, make sure you do so without being too flashy; you might even end up confusing the camera’s flash. Believe me; putting aside your desire to look super glossy can save you from a lot of embarrassment on your wedding day.
  4. Be classic rather than too trendy. After the wedding, all you’ll be left with is the wedding photographs. You can’t change them (No, I am not denying the existence of Photoshop). You have to live with them for the rest of your life. The too glossy lip-gloss, glittery eyeliner, dense mascara, and the highly noticeable blush may look great two or three years down the line, but not twenty. They are most likely to be out of fashion by then and may look weird. If you think wrapping yourself too much in symphonies of beiges may scare the bridesmaids, you can go with a mixed bag—balance classic makeup with contemporary. Remember, classic old Hollywood lipstick colour that still goes good. This is what I am talking about.
  5. Don’t go too dark on the eyes. Outline your eyes by smearing colour in the fold, but avoid putting a shade that’s too thick, as it can diminish from the eyes themselves.
Conclusion: If you’re not confident what will suit, what’ll not on your wedding day, give your makeup a test run before the final set. We will help you decide what’ll look best on you on the day. In fact, we offer discounted makeup and henna packages for to-be-brides.
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3 Exquisite, Multipurpose Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs

A bride looks imperfect without mehndi. Applying Henna to a bride is an old ritual that is followed in most of the Middle East and The Subcontinent. There are many kinds of mehndi designs. Of them, the most popular are Arabic, Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs. While the Arabic design is more widespread in the Middle East, Indian Mehndi designs are more popular in the Subcontinent.

Pakistani Mehndi design is a blend of Arabic and Indian Mehndi styles. It mixes the best of both.

It?s every single girl?s wish to look the most beautiful on her wedding day. Mehndi plays an important part in fulfilling the wish.

3 Exquisite, Multipurpose Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs

It is not imperative which type of henna design is put on; what matter is how the henna is applied, the procedure, and who applies it on the hand of the bride. Is it a professional or not? For Example, Melbourne Henna offers you the exceptional new generation mehndi art and design service, joining sophistication with intricacy, adding the mystic touches for that very special event like a wedding and engagement.

Your big day is approaching and you have everything ? guy of your dreams, the seamless bridal attire, ornaments, makeup and skin & hair to emphasise your splendour. Now all you want is the special mehndi design from Melbourne Henna. We know Mehndi can make your hands and feet look very beautiful or the other way around.

In this blogpost, I will be introducing you to three of the most common Arabic mehndi designs. Although those styles are not typical for weddings. You can modify them to suit a wedding. Arabic mehndi can be drawn in a range of styles. Let?s take a look at some of the most common ones and I?d love to hear some of yours.

We know Indian weddings are incomplete without a Mehndi ceremony. So girls get ready for the ceremony, coming are the best henna designs for the day:

1. Flower patterns

Distinctive flower designs use rudiments from Mother Nature that range through the palm to create complete designs. For weddings, you can try big flowers or minor, intricate ones to decorate your hands. One way to enhance those further is by adding sparkles or beads to add a dazzling portion. Flower pattern mehndi designs look boundless when worn with short kurtas and Patiala chinos. Try wear an attire with similar designs and designs so you can show off a smooth flair.

2. Geometric patterns

Symmetrical patterns are more organised and definite. It typically uses a repetitive design pattern that generates an entire design by merging together different methods and figures. It can have checkered designs, loops or diverse triangles coming organized to produce exciting figures. Since this pattern is modern, try wearing it with fusion clothing. You can club it with a traditional design skirt with a sequined spaghetti top to fashion an amusing, new-age yet traditional style.

3. Abstract patterns

Non-figurative patterns can differ from designers to designers. They can be an amalgamation of the bud and symmetrical patterns, free hand strokes or even shapeless forms that generate a striking graphical effect. Abstract mehndi shapes work brilliantly with trendy sarees and lehengas. You can elect for a saree-gown with trappings or an extended, free-flowing lehenga with a strapless top for an extraordinary look to go with on your wedding.

Conclusion: There are a number of styles to choose from make sure they blend with your wedding attire well. Nevertheless, you can blend and match designs to generate your own distinctive style and brag a flawless style on that day.

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Welcome Spring with Flamboyant Skin and Glittering Eyelashes

"Tips to look gorgeous this spring and leave everyone awestruck. Pose shiny hair, boast buttery, smooth skin, or, simply, mesmerise with your eyes."
Tips for face: Lip Colour: If you had switched to a bright lip colour lately, time to add some brightness back to your lips. A lip-gloss is definitely a go-go. Cheeks: If you just get step out without wearing blush, no matter the time of the year, replace your darker everyday blush to something glossy and contemporary. If you were living under the rocks all this winter, opt for bright coral shades. Rose-y or Bronze-y is seriously not recommended. Spring with flamboyant skin and glittering eyelashes Blur extra gloss with concealer. No need to remove it. Cleansing: In case you haven?t already, you should make a habit of using a Facial Cleansing Brush. Winter due to harsh and dry weather takes a toll on skin. Using a facial cleansing brush repair the skin and make it ready for the light, windy spring weather. Tips for skin in general Sunscreen: Many stop using sunscreen as soon as winter arrives. And don?t start putting until summer sun is right on head. Well this is a bad practice. Remember, wearing sunscreen is the most important part of your daily skin care regime. Regardless the time of the year, season, or weather, don?t step out without putting sunscreen. A SPF 50 sunscreen is enough for most occasion. Switch your powder based blush and highlighter with cream based. This will carry some life into your skin after the unforgiving winter. Diet: Vitamins are essential for skin. Every type of vitamins has its own advantages.
Type of Vitamin Benefits
Vitamin C Reduces Blemishes
Vitamin B3 Removes redness in the skin
Vitamin E Adds Moisture
Tips for hair: Tangle Tweezer: Carry a Tangle Tweezer wherever you go. The travel-sized tweezer can be easily carried around in your purse. Tangle Tweezer gives the hair more natural volume and looks this good! Haircut: If you couldn?t get a haircut during the winter, spring is the perfect time to get it. It?ll improve your complete standpoint and facilities the changeover from hiding under mufflers and hats all winter, to feeling confident. Glittering Eyelashes: Add a colour to your daily eye makeup. If you haven?t yet, you can try to put a coloured eyeliner on your lower lash line. If you have a few of those colour in your makeup kit, chances are you won?t be running out of a fresh shade any-time soon.
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Learning Henna Designing: Rookie to Expert

Have you ever tried applying henna by yourself? I mean, you might have to rely on professionals. But for all those casual times, applying henna by yourself is an awesome idea. Learning how to apply mehndi doesn?t require a vocational training. In fact, any one of us can learn this art of body painting in very short time duration. You may start as a lousy or mediocre mehndi designer. Initially, people may actually run away on your proposition to apply mehndi on their palms. Soon you?ll get better, enough to work as a sub-mehndi designer on your cousins wedding. All you need is lots of hands-on experience and patience. Learning Henna Designing: Rookie to Expert Which henna to use? Many types of henna are available in the market: the natural, the black, and the ?active gold? variants. The natural henna produces relatively lighter shades of brown, even light red or orange in certain cases. It?s generally said: the longer you keep henna applied; the darker the shade would be. Finalise the design: Initially, restrict your test subjects to your family and close relative. Anybody else can easily freak out if you?re a complete novice. Also, make sure the design that you?re opting should be uncomplicated, and takes less time to draw on your test subjects? hands. The plan should be to stick with a simple base design, modifying it slightly as you gain experience. Moreover, you can try geometric shapes in addition to petals, flowers, and leaves. Before the drive: Its finally your cousin?s wedding, and you can?t stop yourself trying your hands on real test subjects. But wait! Are the clothes you?re wearing hanging lose? Or is that your favourite dress? Regardless, wear an apron to ensure henna doesn?t come in contact with your dress. Henna stains are next to impossible to remove from a piece of fabric. Moreover, have a tissue and a standard pin close by. Sometimes the nozzle can get jammed and you need a piercing object. During the drive: Drawing a henna design on a piece of paper or a fabric is quite different from drawing on someone?s hand. Human skin has many folds. The size of everyone?s palm is different. What looks great on your 6 years old niece hands may look utterly cluttered on your aunt?s hands. If you think you can expertise a single design and resize it accordingly to your subjects palm size, then you may have to think once again. Resizing a henna design is almost impossible for newbies like you. Even professionals struggle to bring up a perfect resize.
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Do your kids love henna tattoo?

Art and drawing are something that everybody loves, especially when on their bodies. However not everybody likes permanent tattoos. Some wants temporary yet beautiful tattoos. Moreover, permanent tattoos are risky. They may cause skin reaction and infections, especially on delicate skin of kids. Thus, permanent tattoos are not simply recommended for kids. This is when henna tattoos come handy. They are safe, natural, temporary and look beautiful. Kids love them. A henna tattoo is beautiful, bright, and neat. Henna design for kids is different from those for adults. While adults henna design is more about details, design, and artwork, Kids henna should be more about smaller, cute design that are easy on eyes and dries quickly. Do your kids love henna tattoo? Florets, whirls, and polka dots are typically one of the more prevalent designs among kids, and younger children. They are easy to draw, promising, and apply quickly. Delicate butterflies are also favourite among little ones. Henna designs for kids are becoming increasingly popular these days. Birthday parties, cousin?s get-togethers, or any other celebrations are good occasions to apply henna on your kids? hands. For applying design, you can either get stencil kits, which are now widely available in the city or hire a henna professional. A word of caution: although rare, a few children are allergic to henna. The reaction although not fatal, may take long to subside. Many of today?s marketed terms for henna including Black Henna are more likely to cause a reaction than pure henna. Henna is dark reddish brown, not black. Black Henna on the other hand contains PPD for the dark tone. PPD is known to cause most of the henna born allergies. Even if you have used the black, don?t use on your child. Their skin are much more delicate and sensitive than yours. Mehndi with Bling is a latest trend among kids and teenagers. Bling can be anything from sparkles, crystals, or lots of glitter that can be added to henna as an add-on. The resultant artwork is even more attractive something your kids can resist to show off their friends. They will be a lot more patient, as they begin to see those Bling coming to life. When your kid is getting a henna tattoo, let them be innovative. Ask them to create a design or try to dig their imagination to come up with one. What they always wanted as their first tattoo? Then use some of those ideas for designs for a final print.
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Latest Mehndi Design Trends for the year 2015

Just like every sort of fashion, Mehndi trends too mend with the time. While sometimes an all-new trend emerges, sometimes an old trend re-emerges. Regardless, if you are a Mehndi lover, who never gets enough of Mehndi patterns, these trends will complement the choices you have. (more…)
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5 Tips To Darken Your Mehndi

The long tradition of applying henna or mehndi on ones hand on special occasions and expecting the darkest results is prevalent in India. (more…)
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Top 10 Beauty Tips for Fall

Our skin has to go through extreme factors from summers to winters, throughout the year. (more…)
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Tips for Beautiful Skin This Summer

Summer, the season of brilliant locks and glossy skin, has finally arrived. Are you ready for this season? (more…)
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Because Sometimes Simplicity is Too Simple

No doubt, we all do our own routine make-up everyday effortlessly. (more…)
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