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Avoid These five Blunders on Your Wedding Day

Congrats, you have the wedding dress organised. Now it’s time to move on to the second part - the bridal makeup. Every girl wants to look flawless on her big day. However, what if things turn the other way around. Accept it; Wedding blunders are not that uncommon. In many instances, we have seen makeup artist making grave mistakes that could ruin anybody’s marriage. Avoid These five Blunders on Your Wedding Day To make sure this doesn’t happen with you, I have curated list of 10 mistakes brides make on their wedding day.
  1. Perform the makeup test before the Sun sets, not after. Makeups performed under a fluorescent lamp may look entirely different when looked upon on during the broad daylight. In case you’re calling a wedding makeup artist on the day, make sure she arrives well before the Sunset.
  2. Not every advice is healthy; some are disastrous. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t accept every advice that your wedding artist gives you or you may end up looking entirely different. Different enough, so that not even your to-be-husband can recognise you at the first glance. This can lead to awkward situations. Make up is supposed to make you the best you can look, not a different personality altogether.
  3. Photographs and makeup goes hand-in-hand—not always. Yet another myth that many girls live with. Only that it gets more profound on the wedding day. Putting some amount of makeup is fine on any day let it be your wedding. But those extra layer of makeup bases are quite visible if the photographs were taken under the sun. Nevertheless, if you can’t live without putting everything in your vanity box on the special day, make sure you do so without being too flashy; you might even end up confusing the camera’s flash. Believe me; putting aside your desire to look super glossy can save you from a lot of embarrassment on your wedding day.
  4. Be classic rather than too trendy. After the wedding, all you’ll be left with is the wedding photographs. You can’t change them (No, I am not denying the existence of Photoshop). You have to live with them for the rest of your life. The too glossy lip-gloss, glittery eyeliner, dense mascara, and the highly noticeable blush may look great two or three years down the line, but not twenty. They are most likely to be out of fashion by then and may look weird. If you think wrapping yourself too much in symphonies of beiges may scare the bridesmaids, you can go with a mixed bag—balance classic makeup with contemporary. Remember, classic old Hollywood lipstick colour that still goes good. This is what I am talking about.
  5. Don’t go too dark on the eyes. Outline your eyes by smearing colour in the fold, but avoid putting a shade that’s too thick, as it can diminish from the eyes themselves.
Conclusion: If you’re not confident what will suit, what’ll not on your wedding day, give your makeup a test run before the final set. We will help you decide what’ll look best on you on the day. In fact, we offer discounted makeup and henna packages for to-be-brides.
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Because Sometimes Simplicity is Too Simple

No doubt, we all do our own routine make-up everyday effortlessly. (more…)
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Attaining a slimmer look: How makeup can help?

Every female heart longs to be slim as it gives them the freedom of experiment with all kinds of apparels and fashion styles. However, this is something not possible for all to acquire. (more…)
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Fascinating henna tattoos add a tint of glamor to the Indian bridal makeup

bridal-henna-tattooIndian henna is a beautiful adornment for hands and legs. Applied with cone, the henna gives an orange brown color. A very significant part of the Indian bridal makeup, henna adds an element of subtle elegance. Traditionally it was applied on the hands and legs of the bride but these days henna tattoos are made on the armlet, anklet and back to add a tint of glamor to the bridal make up. Loved by stars like Madonna and Liz Hurley, henna is going global with its popularity. The Indo-Australian community is also drooling over henna tattoos. Thus, henna is becoming a part of nearly every function - be it formal or informal occasions. Apart from Indians, the Australians also show high affinity towards henna tattoos and consider it inevitable part of the bridal service. With a large Indian community in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, the Indo-western style of henna tattoos is spreading like wild fire here. Even Australian brides love to be embellished with henna. These tattoos also find a place in bridal makeup in Melbourne. Besides being a part of bridal make up, henna tattoos fascinate one and all. Its the best way to add that zing to yourself in traditional and festive occasions. So, next time when you want to get that starry effect for a party or Indo-Western wedding, go for a cute henna tattoo and make all eye rolling!
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