Must have aspects of bridal make up package

Make up for the wedding day is the prime concern of the brides to be. And it must be so! After all, its the day one wants to look more than perfect. Preparing for it starts months before the final day. For that great Indian wedding, one must have everything set in place as far as bridal make up is concerned. Today lets check out the essentials of make up package for the bride.

How to choose the correct make up package for the bride??

Following criteria should be matched for selecting correct bridal make up package:


Money comes first: Well, wedding is a costly affair these days and make up also occupies a big part of of the entire budget. You should define how much to spend before hand to make sure you don't splurge those extra dollars. Take help of a professional make up artist and zero down on the budget first.

Bridesmaid make up: Your wedding day can become an occasion to treat your friends with good make up. You can include your special friends in your make up package but make sure you discuss with your make up artist first so that he/she has an absolute idea of the number of people she has to beautify and amount of time required for it.

Pre and post wedding ceremonies: The bridal make up package must include make up and dressing up for all the pre and post wedding ceremonies. Starting with sangeet and ending with reception celebrations, your package should suffice all these events.

Hair and draping: The package includes everything from skin care, hair style and draping. You must try all the combinations of jewellery and costumes before the final day. You must be done with scrubs, waxing, skin care therapies and other 'must do' stuff well in advance. This is of importance as otherwise the final wedding week will tire you and dim the much needed glow on your face.

Trial: You must have a trial round before the final day to make sure you look perfect in all ceremonies. Complete the pre make up treatments and be ready with a glowing skin on the final day.

Enjoy: Lastly, you must enjoy every moment of your wedding. So, once everything is set just relax and enjoy the ceremonies and your self. All the best!!

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