Customise bridal make up with signature style hair

Every bride dreams to look most beautiful on her wedding day. Wanting to be completely different and totally unique, she focusses on adding elegance to her personality. For this the bridal make up needs to be customised as per the complexion, hair and wedding dress. Hair style actually plays a big role in augmenting the bridal look. Matching jewellery and pins also add a subtle expresion.

Factors for choosing hair style for the wedding day:

bridal-hair-stylesShape of face: The shape of bride's face plays a big role in defining her hair style on the wedding day. Choose an expert beautician who can suggest hair style as per the facial dimensions. Whether you have to tie hair up in style or let it loose, it should be graceful. Let the stylist spin a good hair style which blends well with the overall make up and creates a more decent and elegant look.

Length and design of the wedding dress: When your dress is long with frills and studs embelished on it, the hair can be left loose with matching stud pins to create a captivating look. The hair style should blend with the dress and create an impact on the overall appearance. Only an expert hair stylist can create an appealing hair do so better go for an expert.

Length of hair: Braided hair would suit bride with long hair while there are limited styles for shorter hair. They can wear a hair piece or band with glittering design. Hair style sessions should be discussed along with the bridal make up much in advance of the wedding day. Creating a unique look by fresh hair style can create wonders on the D-day.

Accessories: Hair accessories like pins, bands, pearls can be glued or pinned in the hair for a fairy tale look and feel. Starting from the design of the pin to the styling, everything can be customised to create a tailor made look of the bride. With an atypical hair do the stylist can actually create a signature style hair statement for the bride.

While you choose the best bridal make up artist, be clear about discussing the hair style details as well. Search for an experienced wedding stylist who can create signature style hair for you on the wedding day. Select finest stylists and create signature style look for your really special day. Browse some good sites, take reviews and choose the best bridal make up artist and hair stylist for yourself. Wish you luck!!

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