Enchanting mehndi designs for the feet

enchanting-mehndi-designs-for-the-feetOn the festive season of Diwali while you decorate your home, don't forget to beautify your hands and legs with enchanting mehndi designs. The brick and brown textured organic henna colour makes your hands and feet look elegant and graceful. Most of the times, we pay attention on hands and ignore the legs. This time of the festive season, let's focus on henna designs for the feet. Simple or classic mehndi design can be applied on the legs to add gracefulness. Bridal patterns - be it Arabic or Indian, are much in demand these days. You can apply it on the leg or covering the entire sole would also give a soul stirring effect. For the festive times, choose clutter free, traditional designs that are elaborate and effective. If you are someone who does not prefer elaborate designs then minimalistic design should have some unique effect. Go for spiral design or shape up the mehndi designs to form an anklet like structure. This can be further decorated by black outlines which define clear boundaries. You can also stick beads and radium stickers to make the design radiant and catchy. Glitter is another decoration which can be mixed with mehndi designs to give a luminous feel to the feet. Glitter can give catchy effect to your feet. Choose the glitter colour that suits the dressing of the occasion. This way, through cute looking mehndi designs decorated with glitter and colourful radium stickers, you can make your legs stand out and give a new dimension your persona a whole new look.
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