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Welcome Spring with Flamboyant Skin and Glittering Eyelashes

"Tips to look gorgeous this spring and leave everyone awestruck. Pose shiny hair, boast buttery, smooth skin, or, simply, mesmerise with your eyes."
Tips for face: Lip Colour: If you had switched to a bright lip colour lately, time to add some brightness back to your lips. A lip-gloss is definitely a go-go. Cheeks: If you just get step out without wearing blush, no matter the time of the year, replace your darker everyday blush to something glossy and contemporary. If you were living under the rocks all this winter, opt for bright coral shades. Rose-y or Bronze-y is seriously not recommended. Spring with flamboyant skin and glittering eyelashes Blur extra gloss with concealer. No need to remove it. Cleansing: In case you haven?t already, you should make a habit of using a Facial Cleansing Brush. Winter due to harsh and dry weather takes a toll on skin. Using a facial cleansing brush repair the skin and make it ready for the light, windy spring weather. Tips for skin in general Sunscreen: Many stop using sunscreen as soon as winter arrives. And don?t start putting until summer sun is right on head. Well this is a bad practice. Remember, wearing sunscreen is the most important part of your daily skin care regime. Regardless the time of the year, season, or weather, don?t step out without putting sunscreen. A SPF 50 sunscreen is enough for most occasion. Switch your powder based blush and highlighter with cream based. This will carry some life into your skin after the unforgiving winter. Diet: Vitamins are essential for skin. Every type of vitamins has its own advantages.
Type of Vitamin Benefits
Vitamin C Reduces Blemishes
Vitamin B3 Removes redness in the skin
Vitamin E Adds Moisture
Tips for hair: Tangle Tweezer: Carry a Tangle Tweezer wherever you go. The travel-sized tweezer can be easily carried around in your purse. Tangle Tweezer gives the hair more natural volume and looks this good! Haircut: If you couldn?t get a haircut during the winter, spring is the perfect time to get it. It?ll improve your complete standpoint and facilities the changeover from hiding under mufflers and hats all winter, to feeling confident. Glittering Eyelashes: Add a colour to your daily eye makeup. If you haven?t yet, you can try to put a coloured eyeliner on your lower lash line. If you have a few of those colour in your makeup kit, chances are you won?t be running out of a fresh shade any-time soon.
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