For WOW effect – augment henna design with gems and glitter!

Henna has been famed for beautifying body for ages! One of the most cherished adornment of Indian, Pakistani, Arabian, Turkish and Iranian women, mehndi accentuates the natural charm of the body. Staining the body with alluring designs in brown, red and black colour, this organic form of augmentation grants ecstasy. The modish age adds other decorative facets to mehndi designs. Adding to the ornamentation mehndi brings an air of felicity when clubbed with different colours of gems and glitter. Colours blended with the main mehndi design add a vivacious appeal. Use of colour is generally done to match the colour of the outfit. Apart from colours, glitter is mixed with the henna design to add a tint of paradisaical aura. Poof and liquid glitter are the most famous types of sparkles used in mehndi design. Poof is cosmetic polyester glitter used for creating water proof mehndi tattoos which last many days. Liquid glitter is another sparkle that also has a base of aloevera. They can be easily washed off with plain water and are the latest crush amongst the youth. Adored as sparkling accents for traditional functions to mega parties, the liquid glitter creates timeless appeal. Gems are other add-ons used to augment henna designs and tattoos. You can select from normal acrylic gems to Swarovski crystals and stick them with cosmetic adhesives. These crystal embedded tattoos seem like body jewels by lending shimmering and aristocratic vibe. Decked with exclusive, funky tattoos you can actualise a WOW effect wherever you go. That too without damaging your skin. So, if you plan to shine in this season, just go ahead and catch all eyes with catchy mehndi tattoos!
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