Top 10 Beauty Tips for Fall

Our skin has to go through extreme factors from summers to winters, throughout the year. While summers are moist or bright, winters are chilly and dry. It's during these two seasons our skin takes its maximum toll, leaving us with only two seasons to recover from the resulting damages: Autumn and springs. autum skin care tipsAfter the long, dry, and chilly weather of winters, autumn comes as a great hope of relief. During this time, the weather is much more forgiving, giving everyone enough time to recover his or her skin before the summers. To ensure, you look the best this autumn, here are some of my tips: Mineral Makeup If you're hesitant to wear mineral makeup all these times, then give up make these makeups a part of your habit this autumn. Mineral makeups are good for the skin and are devoid of any harmful ingredients like artificial oils, preservatives, and synthetic colours rather they are rich in natural products like soybean extracts and seaweed. A mineral makeup kit is available in the market for somewhere between $20 and $30. Get a new hair cut If you?re thinking of a new hair cut throughout the winters, it?s time to get your favourite haircut. If you?re confused, try bob haircut. This haircut looks good on all face shapes. It is versatile too, whether you made it to look straight or wavy, they still look chic. Wear Sunscreen Although sun radiations, which are less prevalent in autumns, will lure you to go out without wearing a sunscreen, don?t be tricked, harmful UV rays from the sun can harm your skin, regardless of the season. Always apply sunscreen (rated at least 15+ SPF) on the uncovered skin to protect your skin. Being Redhead The colour, which warms up all skin types and tones?red, carries the same special effects on hair. The simplest way to colour hair red is to apply red at-home foam hair colour; this colour is drip-free and spreads easily. Here is the simple guide to select the shade of red as per your skin tone:
Skin Tone Shade of Red
Fair Copper
Olive Skin Auburn
Dark Mahogany
Skin oils for post winter skin There may be heavy advertisements of heavy creams that keep your skin hydrated when the weather is dry. However, skin and face oils are still better moisturisers. They are absorbed much faster than creams, cutting on makeup time. In addition, most of the heavy oils are rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
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