Tips for Beautiful Skin This Summer

Summer, the season of brilliant locks and glossy skin, has finally arrived. Are you ready for this season? Are you aware that those lovely, glossy skin is highly susceptible to damage from summer sweat and sun? Each great moment comes with their own set of summer skin care tipsdisagreements. Summers are no different either. Along all the goodness, summer also brings higher perspiration. Not all this means that you can't go out in the summer and have to lock yourself until sunset, the whole summer. There are many ways, both natural and non-natural, to save your skin from harsh summer sunlight and excessive moisture. Our make up artists in Melbourne have following tips for you! Do you know? Mere 10 minutes out in the summer heat can damage you skin surface drawing out the moisture, burning the outer surface and at worst?Sunburns. The most important: Cover up for the damage No matter what if you can?t resist the urge to go out in the middle of the sun, during the summer, then better protect your hairs and the skin with a cover. The best way is to cover the hair with a scarf, hat, cap, or a stole whenever out in the Sun. Similarly, for skin, wear full sleeves, gloves, and socks to protect the underlying skin from UV rays. Don?t step out without putting on Sunscreen Although a cover can protect your skin and hair from a short duration, if going out for a prolonged time don?t go out, unless you want to seriously damage the skin and hair, without wearing a sunscreen. Mere covering the hair and skin--though do an appreciable job--is not enough as the UV rays are quite penetrable if you remember the properties of UV rays from your high school lessons. For complete hair and skin protection, there is a variety of SPF based hair sprays. Widely available in the market, these sprays are especially relevant for those who can?t sit home, in order to protect the hair and skin. Note: Prefer 30+ SPF based sunscreens to be utmost sure. The prerequisites For Skin, before summers
  • For shedding the dead skin, it?s very important to exfoliate your skin during summers.
  • Keep the skin hydrated?enhance the rate of hydration with a skin-hydrating masque. Yes, it is safe to use one once or twice a week.
  • Drink lots of water to even water loss from dehydration
  • Once again, don?t go out without wearing sunscreen.
  • Use Waterproof Kajal, eyeliner, undereye concealer, and mascara for a smudge free summer
Conclusion: Love you skin and it?ll love you back. And a summer is the appropriate time to show the true to your beloved skin.  
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