Attaining a slimmer look: How makeup can help?

Every female heart longs to be slim as it gives them the freedom of experiment with all kinds of apparels and fashion styles. However, this is something not possible for all to acquire. (more…)
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Feet Mehndi Design: Tips to apply it effectively!

Effective tips to apply gorgeous feet Mehndi design! (more…)
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Enchanting mehndi designs for the feet

enchanting-mehndi-designs-for-the-feetOn the festive season of Diwali while you decorate your home, don't forget to beautify your hands and legs with enchanting mehndi designs. (more…)
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Mehndi Designs – An Inevitable Part of Karva Chauth Festival

Indian culture is full of festivals! These festive occasions are clubbed with different kinds of traditions and rituals which are an inseparable part of the Indian culture. (more…)

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Customise bridal make up with signature style hair

Every bride dreams to look most beautiful on her wedding day. Wanting to be completely different and totally unique, she focusses on adding elegance to her personality. (more…)

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Must have aspects of bridal make up package

Make up for the wedding day is the prime concern of the brides to be. And it must be so! After all, its the day one wants to look more than perfect. (more…)

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Henna tattoos for men and the renaissance of tribal art!

With time changing fast, fashion and trends are too changing fast! Gone are the days when only women dominated henna tattoos affection. Now even men have affections for temporary and even permanent henna tattoos. (more…)
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For WOW effect – augment henna design with gems and glitter!

Henna has been famed for beautifying body for ages! One of the most cherished adornment of Indian, Pakistani, Arabian, Turkish and Iranian women, mehndi accentuates the natural charm of the body. Staining the body with alluring designs in brown, red and black colour, this organic form of augmentation grants ecstasy. (more…)
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All you girls, pose a chic style statement with temporary tattoo

Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself! We periodically encounter retro things emerging againtemporary tattoos for party with a tint of style. Tattooing has been into fashion since centuries. It was a fashion then and has now emerged with bouncy effect. Creating a rage for itself the body art work is going places. From young and old everyone is crazy about this form of body embellishment. Posing style statement through tattoos has become a buzz word. Starting from getting a permanent tattoo to opting for a temporary tattoo for each occasion, the fetish for this art work seems to be undying. (more…)
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Funky henna tattoos becoming a rage in youth!

funky-henna-tattoosIndian henna has spread across the globe with its colorful texture and adorning effect. From brides to college kids, everybody likes to flaunt cute looking henna tattoos on their body. Liked equally by both masculine and feminine sides, this art of temporary tattoos is fast becoming a mania. Available in brown, orange and black colors, these designs look fabulous on the armlets, back, anklet area.?

Arabic and Rajasthani designs of henna tattoos look traditional while abstract designs give modish and fashionable feel. Teen girls often opt for butterfly and angel tattoos while the boys choose various designs of dragons and get Omens crafted on their biceps. At times, these tattoos are also coupled with glitter to give a shimmering outcome. Even radium is used to give a shiny feel to temporary tattoos.?

Very captivating in look, the henna tattoos are creating a voguish culture in the youth. Visible in almost all events, small parties to big traditional weddings, these tattoos make for a stunning appearance. Wanting to get all glares, youngsters call for vivid tattoos in fascinating designs. With such a craze for these tattoos, saloons offering these service are flooded with teens. People spend a good deal on these funky adornments.

?But here is a word of caution for all henna tattoo fans. At times artificial henna might give allergic reactions to sensitive skin. So, check out for a saloon offering temporary tattoos made out of good quality of natural henna. Just be careful in choice and keep enticing the party circuit!

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