Latest Mehndi Design Trends for the year 2015

Just like every sort of fashion, Mehndi trends too mend with the time. While sometimes an all-new trend emerges, sometimes an old trend re-emerges. Regardless, if you are a Mehndi lover, who never gets enough of Mehndi patterns, these trends will complement the choices you have. Although Mehndi is widespread in the subcontinent and Middle East, the west is too adopting to this culture thanks to the long reach of Indian culture. Let?s look at some of the trends in Mehndi pattern for the year 2015: 1. Indian Mehndi Design mehndi-trends-2015An Indian way of applying mehndi on hands and palms, this design complements symmetry when applied on both hands. The design goes like this: The designer applies design in the form of fine, miniature leaves with branches in the fingers and random shapes on the palm then drawing symmetry between the two. Although both the hands have different design, thanks to the symmetry, the difference doesn?t look awkward. This design is known for random shapes and an influence of nature. 2. The Modern Style Also known as the mehndi style of Mehndi patterns, this style is much like Indian Style where leaves and branches are used in the design. However, unlike Indian style where those are restricted to the fingers, in this style the floral elements are along the length of the elbow with shapes emerging every then and now. 3. Middle eastern style This style is favourite among partygoers, teenagers, and young girls. The style is simple, less filling than the above two styles, making it favourite for casual occasions. The design is more sharp and noteworthy than others, having one floral on palm another on the arm of both hands. Tiny circles surround the flowers to form a nice design that is minimalistic yet gorgeous at the same time. 4. Mehndi for feet Although not popular elsewhere, applying mehendi on feet is a common practice in the Subcontinent. The designs are somewhat different from those of palm and arm. Like Middle Eastern Mehndi, flowers along with leaves and branches are dominating on the feet designs too. 5. The Bridal Mehndi Bridal Mehndi is rich, traditional, and lush. Bridal Mehndi is much like Indian Mehndi but rich and extends till the elbow. 6. Other types of Mehendi Mehndi over the lower back, behind the shoulder, just across the neck, and around the navel is also widespread in the subcontinent as well as the rest of the world.
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