Henna forms an important element in make up for weddings in Melbourne

makeup for weddings in melbourneThe Indian originated Henna is going global by becoming a 'not to miss' part of the bridal make up for wedding. Used to adorn the hands and legs of the bride, we find an effective use of Henna in beautifying the bride. Having attended an Indian wedding last week, I enjoyed observing the nearly anxious, jittery yet graceful bride. She was decked with shimmer on the face and hands. Moreover, the henna on the hands added an ethereal appeal with the reddish brown color. With an enticing Henna design, the bride's hands looked delicate and ornamental. This Indian touch in the make up for wedding made the bride look fascinating. Beautiful henna tattoos on the bride gave a mesmerizing effect. The idea of creating an appealing yet traditional look paves way to this form of make up. Melbourne based Indians still celebrate their weddings in Indian style where Henna is a significant part of the bridal make up. Henna is becoming popular as make up in Melbourne weddings because:
  • It gives an Indian touch to the weddings
  • It adds aesthetic appeal
  • Gives a traditional feel
This Indian style of adorning the bride is becoming popular in Australia as well. Many brides are now choosing Henna tattoos on the armlet and anklets. Gauging on the popularity I can easily predict that Henna would form an important element in make up for weddings in Melbourne!
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