Do your kids love henna tattoo?

Art and drawing are something that everybody loves, especially when on their bodies. However not everybody likes permanent tattoos. Some wants temporary yet beautiful tattoos. Moreover, permanent tattoos are risky. They may cause skin reaction and infections, especially on delicate skin of kids. Thus, permanent tattoos are not simply recommended for kids. This is when henna tattoos come handy. They are safe, natural, temporary and look beautiful. Kids love them. A henna tattoo is beautiful, bright, and neat. Henna design for kids is different from those for adults. While adults henna design is more about details, design, and artwork, Kids henna should be more about smaller, cute design that are easy on eyes and dries quickly. Do your kids love henna tattoo? Florets, whirls, and polka dots are typically one of the more prevalent designs among kids, and younger children. They are easy to draw, promising, and apply quickly. Delicate butterflies are also favourite among little ones. Henna designs for kids are becoming increasingly popular these days. Birthday parties, cousin?s get-togethers, or any other celebrations are good occasions to apply henna on your kids? hands. For applying design, you can either get stencil kits, which are now widely available in the city or hire a henna professional. A word of caution: although rare, a few children are allergic to henna. The reaction although not fatal, may take long to subside. Many of today?s marketed terms for henna including Black Henna are more likely to cause a reaction than pure henna. Henna is dark reddish brown, not black. Black Henna on the other hand contains PPD for the dark tone. PPD is known to cause most of the henna born allergies. Even if you have used the black, don?t use on your child. Their skin are much more delicate and sensitive than yours. Mehndi with Bling is a latest trend among kids and teenagers. Bling can be anything from sparkles, crystals, or lots of glitter that can be added to henna as an add-on. The resultant artwork is even more attractive something your kids can resist to show off their friends. They will be a lot more patient, as they begin to see those Bling coming to life. When your kid is getting a henna tattoo, let them be innovative. Ask them to create a design or try to dig their imagination to come up with one. What they always wanted as their first tattoo? Then use some of those ideas for designs for a final print.
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