5 Tips To Darken Your Mehndi

The long tradition of applying henna or mehndi on ones hand on special occasions and expecting the darkest results is prevalent in India. dark-mehndi-colour-tipsWhether a wedding, an engagement, or any traditional get together, no woman dares to attend those with light stains of Mehndi, they may go as far as reapply mehndi to get darker stains. During weddings, there is actually a competition among young girls about ?Who gets the darkest Mehndi stains?? In India, it is said that ?the darker the stains of mehndi on your skin; the more your husband will love you.? You can only understand how important is henna in Indian culture. So to make sure you too get the darkest stain among your girlfriends, here are some of the tips: 1. Don?t remove as soon as the henna dries. Contrary to popular belief, ?the longer you keep it applied the darker the stain will be? is not very valid after a certain time. Keeping it for 7-8 hours is appropriate, even 12 hours is fine if you have the patience. After that, there is no point. However that doesn?t mean you can remove as soon the henna dries. Keep it at least for the appropriate time if not extended for the best results. 2. Don?t rinse with water This is the stupidest thing one can do rinsing mehndi with flowing water. To remove, scrap the dried mehndi with thumb and don?t panic if you don?t get good results. A dark stain may take time to emerge. 3. Scrub with Lemon Prepare a mixture with sugar, boil water, and lemon juice, and mix it with the henna preparation. This add-on guarantees better mehndi penetration in skin while the lemon juice acts as a catalyst for releasing dye, thus, enriching mehndi colour for the darkest stains. 4. Apply coconut oil before applying For better setup of henna on applying, applying a bit of coconut oil to-be-applied area is recommended. 5. Apply balms after scrapping the crust Balms, as they are known in India, are an herbal Liniment that can be applied on skin. Balms enhances henna?s colour and skin penetration. Ask your Indian friends if you absolutely have no idea what Balms
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